Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Reminder: Follow Your Dreams

The quote above so perfectly embodies why I hold on to my dreams.  Having dreams, sometimes seemingly unattainable goals, allows me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and fly to places I could never imagine.  I first read this quote on a graduation card which was given to me in 2003.  I have long since lost the rest of the card - only saving the front with the applicable quote - and have no idea who gave it to me.  But the quote has shaped my life for almost a decade and because of that I wanted to share it!

When I thought about sharing this quote with you, I knew I wanted to feature beautiful photography taken by someone I hold dear - someone who also subscribes to the "follow your dreams" philosophy - namely, my friend Bobbi who took the photo above and recently launched her own photography business.  As she states on her company's Facebook page, her photography is "spiritual, emotional, and natural."  That statement, and the launching of the business itself, sums up the philosophy described above and her photos truly reflect her style.  I am proud to call her a friend and share her work with all of you!  Take a moment to check out her work and if you're in the Lexington area, consider doing business with her.  

Let this quote and photo guide your day today.  Allow yourself to be lifted up and guided to places you never imagined.  And never, no matter what, never stop dreaming.



  1. Thanks just what I needed. On a quick writing break before I print. I hate printers. They know when I'm in a hurry. Love your website.

  2. Thanks Sheila! I need these reminders too so I figure it's worth sharing with others.

  3. Thanks for the follow I'm definitely following back. The name of your blog was enough to rope me in. :)

  4. Rikki - Terrific post. I love the quote and the picture. Sounds like both you and your friend are following your dreams!


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