Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Apartment Unveiling: Living Room

Welcome back to the apartment!

Today we're looking at the living room area. This area saw a lot of furniture re-purposing, as well as a few key additions (and a few yet to come) so I'm excited to share it with you.

Let's start with sharing Charlie's new favorite place in the apartment before moving on to the actual space, shall we?

The girls' beds are tucked under the chaise lounge. While Charlie also really likes climbing to the top of the bookshelves - you'll see them later! - she's taken to napping in Lady's cat bed underneath the chaise for hours on end. There have been Saturdays where she only comes out to eat and then climbs back underneath there. Too cute.

Ready to see the rest of the room? Click the link below!

Ta da!

The best thing about the living room is that I happened to have relatively small furniture so I was able to keep a lot of it.  he couch has seen many apartments and is so perfect for this space.  Notice how it perfectly matches the bed even though they were purchased two years apart. It's as if I knew I'd someday have them in the same room.

Couple of key items in the living room. The basket under the table holds extra blankets for once it gets cold out and for when I have company. The top one is a quilt my sister made me for high school graduation and the bottom is a quilt my grandma made for the same occasion.  I love that I get to reuse them!  The "Augsburg College" pillow is actually an old sweatshirt which is embroidered with "grandpa" underneath. We gave the sweatshirt to my grandfather years ago and after he died, my mom made it into a pillow for me. Makes me miss him and reminds me of my excellent alma mater all at once!

Even though the chaise takes up a lot of floor space, I'm glad that I kept it. Visually, it doesn't block off the room (plus it helps hide the fact that the vacuum cleaner is just living in the corner - see the handle sticking up?) and it gives room for extra sleeping and seating.  

The shelves in the corner were part of the food storage in the last place, as well as laundry storage. Prior to that, they were entry hallway storage and prior to that, they served as a headboard. In this room though they allow for a lot of storage without taking up any additional floor space.

The tv is sitting on one of the bookshelves from the old place that now serves as the "entertainment station" - board games on the bottom and bar in the middle!

To the left of the couch is the "dining area." I obviously didn't have room for a kitchen table so I'm glad to have this little bar pass through.

Right now the lamp is resting on some shelves which will eventually be replaced with another dresser - closed storage at its best! - but for now, the shelves do the trick.

The bookshelf is actually two shelves stacked on top of one another and anchored to the wall  I realized after moving in that my original plan for the shelves wouldn't work but this does the trick. It also provides a small barrier from the bedroom area, which is nice, and allows me to keep all of my books. This is the bookshelf on which Charlie sleeps when she is not beneath the chaise. She loves her view from the top!

Also, another key piece in the apartment? The teddy bear on those shelves was from my dad the day I was born. I didn't spend a night without it until college and while I don't sleep with it anymore, I love having it in my space.

The picture wall is full of some old and new pieces. You might remember the cat portrait my sister gave me in my last place - it's a drawing of my favorite photo of the girls that she asked a friend to make! - and the wine rack I've had since just after college which was a housewarming present from my mom. I purchased new frames to complete the look (the 4x6 and 5x7 frames were $1 a piece and the larger frames were only $3! - I got away with cheap frames by keeping the look consistent) because I was sick of the $5 collage frame I used to have in my living room. Now I have pictures up of all my favorite people which serve as a constant reminder that I am loved even if I don't see my friends and family very often.

So there you have it! Next week I'll share a few of the last little details of my space, but this is the gist of it.  What do you think?


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