Saturday, August 18, 2012

Caturday Realization

I realized yesterday that I don't have a single weekend without some sort of commitment now until November 17. Not all of those weekends will be jam packed - some only have Saturday morning meetings, or Sunday evening events. Not all of the commitments are work-related - I have some seriously awesome company coming to visit two weekends in a row in September and a couple of weddings thrown in there. But either way, it's very overwhelming to think that I don't know when the next completely free weekend will be. Probably December. Ick.

All of that is to say that I am indulging a little this morning. I have plans this afternoon but don't need to leave the house until 12:45. I haven't technically even gotten out of bed yet. Lady Bug loves when I sleep in and Charlie likes an excuse to cuddle even if she's very confused as to why I'm still just laying here.

As I was thinking about this post, I realized that Lady Bug has fled to her favorite space (under the couch - no idea why she loves it, but she always has) and Charlie was still wiggling around, trying to find a comfy snuggle space on my lap. Which means that it would be a post full of pictures of Charlie again unless I wasn't to find the energy to get up and chase down Lady. Most people wouldn't mind - Charlie is everyone's favorite because she's so tiny for a full-grown cat, has a perfect little pink nose, and is a total goofball so she wins everyone over immediately - but (I can't believe I'm going to say this) I would mind because, truth be told, Lady Bug is my favorite even if she isn't the cutest.

Gasp. I feel like a terrible mother. And really, it's not that I love Lady Bug more. She's just been through so much with me. She's the resilient one, the one that goes with the flow and doesn't get stressed out by change. She's the reliable one, the smart one, always helping Charlie solve problems. She may be a little over-weight (we won't go so far as fat), stubborn as all get out, pushy, and bossy. But she's my first baby.

I suddenly realized what parents mean when they say that they don't love one child more than the other - that they just love them differently. It's true. I shouldn't really say that I love Lady more. I wouldn't have made the decision to bring Charlie home in the first place when I wasn't on the market for another cat if I didn't love her instantly. But I certainly love them differently.

No photos today. Lady is sleeping contently and I wouldn't want to bother her. She's not a baby anymore and I understand more than anyone that she probably just needs some time to recharge. Who blames her? This life is stressful.


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