Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Reminder: What is Cool?

I meant to post this last Monday, but got busy and simply forgot. That being said, after my decision last week to go back to my blogging roots, it is even more appropriate to share with you today.

My reminder today is taken from an old Banana Republic ad. I tried desperately to find a digital copy of the original but I wasn't successful. Anyway, the ad itself wasn't so important as the quote itself. All I know is that it came out sometime while I was in high school or college and I remember cutting the quote from a magazine, crying (yes, crying over a quote in a magazine) because I knew I wasn't ever going to be any of the first definitions of cool, but knowing that I was on a path to falling in love with what I had been given.

When I decided to share this quote, much like the one I shared a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to feature another of my friends who does amazing photography. Meghan was one of my first friends in Lexington. She has an amazing family - complete with the two little munchkins pictured above - and recently made the decision to start her own photography business. To me, her pictures scream timeless, classic, and cool. She isn't all about the "trends," but she doesn't dwell in the past and yet she certainly isn't chasing the next best thing. She is one of those remarkable people who understands that the smallest moment - the simple act of "now" - is something to be treasured and her pictures show it. Because I have the pleasure of knowing Meghan personally, I know that her photos don't just embody the philosophy above - her entire life does. 

Keep this reminder with you today. Be happy with your today and don't worry about what the rest of the world sees as cool. Being cool is as simple as being content with what life throws your way.

And while you're reminding yourself of how awesome now is, check out the Meghan Beth Photography website and Facebook page to show her some love! 


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  1. I love it! Great quote and great way of thinking!


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