Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Total Trash

I know that I've shared before that I'll read almost anything once, especially anything that's available free for my Kindle. And by anything, I mean it.

That means I spend a lot of time reading things that I would be embarrassed to tell my mom about. Unfortunately for her (and possibly for you if you blush easily), the ridiculous success of Fifty Shades of Grey  changed what can and cannot be talking about in literature for most women. Not that I've read any of the Fifty Shades books. If they've hit the mainstream, I can guarantee they aren't going to get my blood boiling. Just sayin'.

Usually I don't share the total trash that I read but Sexy in Stilettos by Nana Malone is worth sharing. Is there plenty of sex to get your heart pumping? Sure is - some of which is pretty graphic, public, or otherwise taboo. But nothing that would be more inappropriate than the aforementioned summer book blockbuster.

The difference between this book and so many of the others I've read that are blush-inducing is that these characters are more real. They aren't just a piece of meat, a sexy body, or a brain dead idiot. Not in the least. 

The female lead, Jaya, is a woman who is going through the process of finding herself - after finding her then-boyfriend in bed with her sister, she gets fired from the family business due to the influence of said ex-boyfriend. She's a classic example of a woman who thinks she knows herself but is still "willing" (because we all know she'll fight it) to be vulnerable and learn more. And as so many of us know, no matter how well you think you know yourself, how confident you are on your own, letting someone else take control once in a while is a lesson that isn't easy to learn. In this case, Jaya allows herself to learn those lessons through a relationship with a man.

And the man. Whoo. Sensitive, kind, and charming with a hint of mystery. In short, unrealistically perfect. But still realistic enough to keep you interested. And not totally f-ed up. I get sick of those stories where the men have so much baggage. I've been in that relationship before and there is nothing sexy about getting your heart stomped on time and time again and hearing the "I can't help it because _________" excuse.

But I digress.

So ladies... If you can't sleep, need a diversion on the weekend, or your hubby is out of town, I highly recommend Sexy in Stilettos. I warned you about the sex so don't get your panties in a bunch when you get to it. Unfortunately, it's no longer free on Amazon but I think it's well worth the $3.99 price tag. Pour yourself a glass of wine, run a bubble bath (be careful - my Kindle will never work properly again after landing in the bath once or twice), lock the kids and cats out, and enjoy.

(And Dad, if you're reading this, I don't recommend adding it to the to-read list.)


Monday, September 17, 2012


I haven't been around lately and I'd like to say that I'm sorry but then I'd be lying. 

I've taken a little bit of a hiatus. I've shared a few times that I'm struggling to find my voice in the blogging world and that's still true. But it's also true that I have a backlog of blog post ideas just waiting to be written and I simply don't have the time or energy to do so.

I've been exhausted lately - physically, mentally, and emotionally - by the time I get home at night. Sitting down and writing just hasn't been happening. There are nights that sitting down for dinner hasn't even happened! Some of you are reading this and thinking "this girl needs to see a counselor because she's depressed" and that's just not the case. I've been in bad places before and this isn't one of them. I couldn't be much happier, to be honest. I'm just tired.

I've also been a little selfish. 

I had plenty of time this weekend to write. I worked until 2pm on Saturday and then came home and didn't leave the apartment again until 8am this morning. Yep, you read that right. It was amazing. I didn't even talk to anyone on the phone for more than a minute at a time until last night when the boy called me to catch up after what was a very busy weekend for him. I did 11 loads of laundry, 2 sinks full of dishes, watched a lot of movies, and caught up on sleep and snuggle time with the girls. Writing for an audience just wasn't part of the selfish to-do list.

To top it all off, I've been traveling a lot again. The best thing about traveling is that I get back to the hotel room at the end of a long day, curl up in a bed that is cat hair free and that I know I won't have to make in the morning, and can do almost anything I want. Catch up on digital versions of my magazines, read e-books, delete emails. All of that is electronic because I've been traveling with my work iPad, which is nice in terms of light packing, but awful if you want to write anything substantial. I don't even like replying to emails on that thing, much less writing a few hundred words of backlogged blog posts. Am I the only one who absolutely cannot type on a touch screen?! More importantly - am I missing some great "blogger" app that would make the whole blogging from the iPad thing easier??

I'll be back for real someday. I promise. Maybe I'll feel motivated to write again soon. I did just create a weekly workout / get things done around the house / take "me time" to-do list. I love lists. If adding "write 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week" to the list gets the job done, so be it. No guarantees that the writing will make it to the blog but it's better than nothing.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

What is up, peeps? (Also, when did I become a "homie" who said things like that? After I typed it, however, I knew it needed to stay.)

Just checking in for a very fast Favorite Things Friday post. How is it Friday already?! Even though there were some long days this week, short weeks usually go really slowly and this one flew by!

Oky doke...

1 - Last weekend was amazing. 'Nuf said. I am a very lucky lady. 

2 - One of my dear friends got engaged last weekend and even though I've been too busy to celebrate with her it's still a huge highlight of my week! CONGRATS!

Update: Yeah!  She shared it on her blog so now I can share.  Didn't want to spill the beans :-)  Check out this beautiful ring and send good wishes!

3 - My best friend will be here in less than seven hours. Company two weekends in a row should help squelch (what an excellent word) the homesickness a little.

4 - The Saturday, Sunday, Monday portion of this forecast makes me so happy. I love warm weather but this 90 degrees and above since April is starting to get to me. I miss my fall clothes, wearing boots every day, and drinking cocoa before bed. First truly fall-like weekend in forever!

5 - My family didn't have the easiest week but it's over and it's all good. So thankful we have such an amazing bunch to love and support one another!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can't Live Without It...

I came across this article on Apartment Therapy weeks ago and bookmarked it as a future blog post. As I was laying on my couch this morning, really not wanting to get out of bed for work, it came back to me.

For someone who grew up in the same house for most of my life (we moved there when I was four), I have lived in a lot of spaces. Dorm rooms and on-campus apartments in college, apartments after college with interesting roommate situations, my graduate school apartment that I (at least in my opinion) transformed from an awkward one-bedroom to a functional space, and multiple apartments here in Lexington. I hate the process of moving but I love trying out new neighborhoods, making new spaces feel like home, so I tend to move a lot. My biggest fear, once I pay off enough student loans to consider buying a house, is that I'll be sick of it in about a year.

My current place, although small, is probably one of my favorites. It suits my lifestyle and checks all of my required boxes. My "must have" list grows and changes with every new place. I can tell you after living in my second apartment in Lexington that my former must have list wasn't discriminating enough.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nostalgic Storytelling

I just realized that I'm still sitting at work. I've been here alone for almost an hour. I very rarely work late. Yes, I'm being productive but I could be productive at home.  

I'm sitting here to avoid going home to an empty apartment, so that I don't have to sit there and listen to my cat cry constantly like she's lost something (I know exactly what you're feeling, baby), and because the thought of going home and eating "our" leftovers is enough to make me want to cry into my microwaved steak.

Just call me that girl.

Instead of working some more, I thought I'd put off the inevitable by writing for a bit.

Even before this (incredible, awesome, and amazing) weekend, I've been feeling homesick. I was getting used to going home every few weeks this summer. Yes, it was exhausting and expensive, but it was so wonderful to see my family and friends on a regular basis. Things are so incredibly good here in Kentucky right now but I, of course (and not unexpectedly), miss home.

Whenever I get nostalgic, I reach for old favorites from the bookshelf. It hit my exceptionally hard while traveling a few weeks ago, however, and I didn't have my trusty books to turn to. Thankfully, a few months ago while organizing the ridiculous backlog of Kindle stories I had downloaded to read, I added in a few classics - it started with a few of the Anne of Green Gables books. I then downloaded a few shorter books by L.M. Montgomery that I had yet to get to in all my years of reading. I am so glad that I did. 

I know fall is coming when I'm feeling down, lonely for home, and just want to curl up with something enchanting. My old friend Lucy Maud did not disappoint.

I started with The Story Girl, the story of a young girl who takes everyone to another world with her story-telling ability. I've marked it as a new favorite. If I had children, I would want to read it out loud to them, one chapter at a time, like my mom and dad did for us with so many of the classics. The children in the story get into the most delightful antics and scrapes and this book is meant to be read to others, with a piece of pie balanced on one knee and a childish giggle just waiting to be  let loose on the other. (I tried reading it to the cats - you wish I were kidding - and it just didn't do the trick.)

After finishing The Story Girl, I moved on to Kilmeny of the Orchard. Like so many of Montgomery's books, it dwells in a simple time where an innocent, albeit admiring, friendship blossoms into love - love that is without caring about the challenges that stand in their way. Can anyone say "bawl like a baby when the plot finally comes together?" Because I did that. Not ashamed to admit it.

If you haven't read these two stories by a classic favorite, go out and do so immediately. Did I mention they're both free for Kindle? Perhaps the best thing about classics. Pour yourself a glass of wine or make some cocoa on the stove (or both), put on your sweatpants, pop some popcorn and settle in for a night. Just ignore the fact that it may still be 90 degrees where you are (like it is here) and pretend that it's actually fall. 

While reading these new favorites, your mind slows down and you're able to just breathe for a while. A refreshing change for someone whose brain always moves to fast, who has too much on their plate, and who wants to be transported.

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