Monday, September 17, 2012


I haven't been around lately and I'd like to say that I'm sorry but then I'd be lying. 

I've taken a little bit of a hiatus. I've shared a few times that I'm struggling to find my voice in the blogging world and that's still true. But it's also true that I have a backlog of blog post ideas just waiting to be written and I simply don't have the time or energy to do so.

I've been exhausted lately - physically, mentally, and emotionally - by the time I get home at night. Sitting down and writing just hasn't been happening. There are nights that sitting down for dinner hasn't even happened! Some of you are reading this and thinking "this girl needs to see a counselor because she's depressed" and that's just not the case. I've been in bad places before and this isn't one of them. I couldn't be much happier, to be honest. I'm just tired.

I've also been a little selfish. 

I had plenty of time this weekend to write. I worked until 2pm on Saturday and then came home and didn't leave the apartment again until 8am this morning. Yep, you read that right. It was amazing. I didn't even talk to anyone on the phone for more than a minute at a time until last night when the boy called me to catch up after what was a very busy weekend for him. I did 11 loads of laundry, 2 sinks full of dishes, watched a lot of movies, and caught up on sleep and snuggle time with the girls. Writing for an audience just wasn't part of the selfish to-do list.

To top it all off, I've been traveling a lot again. The best thing about traveling is that I get back to the hotel room at the end of a long day, curl up in a bed that is cat hair free and that I know I won't have to make in the morning, and can do almost anything I want. Catch up on digital versions of my magazines, read e-books, delete emails. All of that is electronic because I've been traveling with my work iPad, which is nice in terms of light packing, but awful if you want to write anything substantial. I don't even like replying to emails on that thing, much less writing a few hundred words of backlogged blog posts. Am I the only one who absolutely cannot type on a touch screen?! More importantly - am I missing some great "blogger" app that would make the whole blogging from the iPad thing easier??

I'll be back for real someday. I promise. Maybe I'll feel motivated to write again soon. I did just create a weekly workout / get things done around the house / take "me time" to-do list. I love lists. If adding "write 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week" to the list gets the job done, so be it. No guarantees that the writing will make it to the blog but it's better than nothing.



  1. I'm glad that you're taking time for yourself when you have it, no matter what you're doing! I'm trying to get back into the groove, too. We'll be here when you make it back, and you'll be missed until then. :)

  2. I noticed you were missing a little (unless I accidentally unsubscribed to you in a fit of unsubscribing the other day, in which case that needs to be remedied immediately).

    Thanks for the comment. I'm trying to write again tonight. Hopefully I'll have some luck!

  3. Blog when you feel like blogging and don't when you don't. Why waste your time doing something you don't feel like doing if you don't have to do it! I love seeing your blog in my blog reader feed but only if it's genuine so just keep blogging only when you want to!
    I'm glad you did a whole lot of "nothing" this weekend! Sometimes the laundry and dishes being done and put away can be just as satisfying as going out and doing something.


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