Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Simplicity (New Collars and California Kitties Tags for the Girls)

It's been a while since I did a Saturday Simplicity post.  Probably because my life is far from simple right now.  So today I'm sort of going to do a SS post.  I say that because I really want to post more than a picture but that defeats the purpose of SS.  So here's the compromise.  The picture is below.  If you want the true SS experience, just stop reading.  If you want the full story (highly recommended of course!) and want to know where I got those beautiful tags for the girls, click the link below the picture to get the rest of the story!  (How's that for compromise...)

Still with us?  Great.
Back in April, my dear friend Lindsay shared this Etsy shop with me.  I immediately fell in love with California Kitties handmade custom cat tags.  Their designs are so adorable AND affordable!  They also have a wide selection of larger dog tags available on their website.

My girls are very coordinated - everything I purchase for Lady Bug is pink and everything for Charlie is green.  Unfortunately, finding green cat tags isn't as easy as it sounds so I've been looking for something new and different for both of them and this site had exactly what I wanted.  Lindsay purchased two tags for my babies as my birthday present (she's knows me so well...) and I spent more time than I'd like to admit weighing the pros and cons of the various tags, trying to decide how coordinated with each other, and with their assigned color, I wanted the girls to be.

I finally settled on these two designs.

Lots of hot pink for Lady Bug!
Greens and purples for Charlie!

I was in no way disappointed when the tags came in.  The cats' previous tags cost more, were terribly quality, and weren't nearly so pretty.  These tags will hold up nicely to the constant chasing, wrestling, and tossing one another around that is the norm at my apartment.  Plus they are truly beautiful!

The only disappointment I had was in their collars at this point.  I try to purchase them new collars while traveling but I hadn't found anything for Lady in a while and their old collars were starting to look pretty shabby.  I found a beautiful bright pink collar with buttons on it for Lady but couldn't find anything green for Charlie... so I improvised and made my own.  I purchased a $5 extra small dog collar, dug through my mom's button collection and supplemented with some of my own collection, and created a one-of-a-kind coordinated collar for Charlie.  Now my girls are styling with their new tags and collars.  They seem to love their new looks - and "mommy" loves them too!

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