Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

A bit different this week, because honestly, not much good has happened (yet) this week - it's been a lot of working hard to not see results yet. But lots of good will be happening in the next week. 

Also, no theme.  My brain isn't doing themes right now.

I probably would have skipped it all together this week but I really wanted to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog because I've so enjoyed "meeting" new bloggers and discovering their sites since I started linking up!

Top Five Favorite Things That Will Happen in the Next Week

1 - Today is the end of our fiscal year at work.  That means it's the culmination of all the work we've been doing in my office for the last year.  As a fundraiser, it's so rewarding to see gifts coming in from people you've been talking to all year.  If you haven't supported your alma mater later, make a gift today, no matter where in the fiscal year you are.   Trust me when I say you couldn't have gone to college without alumni support - even if you weren't a scholarship student.  Pass it on!
A little secret to my friends out there - if you make your gift right at the beginning of the fiscal year (Augsburg and Belmont peeps, this applies to you right now!) you won't get the "annoying" (in quotes because I love them!) phone calls asking for money, you'll cut down on the amount of mail you get, and you'll make a difference in the lives of students for the entire academic year!

2 - I'm moving today.  Finally.  I feel like I've been packing boxes forever, even if it's only been a week.  I cannot wait to live in a bug-free, air conditioned place again.  The 102 temps coupled with lack of central air probably explains why I'm so exhausted.  That does mean it's the last possible moment for you to weigh on the room layouts!

3 - The drive to Wisconsin this week will be long but therapeutic.  I can't wait to plug in the iPod, turn on archived NPR podcasts and get out on the open road.  I'm probably driving over night on Saturday night because I don't have AC in the car and the temps are supposed to be off the charts again.  Going to be a long night but also some much needed time to clear my head.

4 - Floating in Mom & Dad's pool.  Some of you know that I am ridiculously anal about wearing sunscreen.  This morning alone I put on my daily moisturizer (SPF 30), my facial moisturizer (SPF 20), and gradual fake-tan moisturizer (SPF 20).  When I leave to walk across campus later, I will spray myself down with SPF 50.  All of this is to say that I am usually the whitest person on the planet (hence the fake tanner), but my skin will be healthy when I'm old and I *fingers crossed* won't have to deal with skin cancer ever.  So even though I will be slathered up with ridiculous amounts of sunscreen and won't get a tan out of the pool-floating experience, I will get to relax at least a little.  Hopefully with a book and a fruity cocktail.  I've made it know that I will work 23 hours a day next week to be ready for the wedding as long as I get one hour every day in the pool. 

5 - T-minus 8 days til the wedding of the century!

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  1. Happy move ma'am, and have fun in wisco! (have a cheese curd for me). Congrats to Abby, having read your posts the last few months, I'm sincerely excited for how awesome her big day will surely be!


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