Friday, June 8, 2012

Favorite Things Friday (Living Alone)

Last Monday night, I was laying in bed relaxing when something totally freaked me out.

In fact, I was laying in bed, working on the blog post that follows (ironic, because this really was the topic) as well as one that will be published later about a book I recently read, snuggling with the cats,
when someone pounded on my door.
When you are a single girl who lives alone and isn't expecting company, that's a terrifying thing to happen.

When you are a single girl who lives alone, isn't expecting company, and are watching an episode of Cold Case that is about a serial rapist who attacks women who live alone, who he meets at book clubs, and have cats it might just give you a heart attack.

(For what it's worth, in case you missed the conclusion on Facebook, I think it was just the pizza delivery guy at the wrong apartment.  At least, that's what I'm still telling myself it was.  Because otherwise I still wouldn't be sleeping.)

Ok, on to the topic at hand.  Sometime living alone can be a bit too quiet or a bit freaky or just a bit boring.  But anyone who has ever lived alone knows there are some pretty great things about it too.  There's an episode of Sex and the City where the ladies discuss their secret single behavior and I know that all of my single girl friends (and guy friends I'm sure) know exactly what they mean.

I, for one, embrace my own weird single-girl who-lives-alone habits.  So today, I'd like to share some of my favorites.

Watching television shows mostly for the hot men - Criminal Minds may be my favorite show now but I am not afraid to admit that I started watching it specifically for this man, Shemar Moore:
Or more specifically, for his arms.  Because I definitely watch tv shows just because the men have great arms.  That's allowed when you live alone.  When my ex-boyfriend was around all the time, he didn't necessarily appreciate it.

Addition to watching television shows mostly for the hot men - Watching television shows in bed - I don't have a tv in my living room right now.  Why?  Because I am so tired at the end of the day anyway that all I want to do is snuggle up in bed and watch my shows (if I watch tv at all) so I just moved the big tv and dvr box into the bedroom.  At first I thought it was weird but I've decided it's fine.  It has to be, because it isn't going to change anytime soon.

Shower beers - I know for a fact that this is not something unique to single girls.  But it is something that I cannot even imagine doing if I had a roommate.  Because let's be real, you look weird taking a beer into the bathroom.  Except when you live alone and you're getting ready to go out it's not only necessary but not all that weird because there is no one there to judge.  Don't judge now.  Because if you haven't tried drinking a beer (or glass of wine or whatever you drink of choice is) in the shower either before you go out for the night or after you get home from a very long day, you're missing out.

Being able to eat just about anything you want - I'm not ashamed to admit I eat pizza pretty much every day.  And no one can tell me that's not ok.  (Stay tuned next week for the FTF pizza version!)

Being able to wear just about anything you want - I mean around the house, of course.  I can wear pretty dresses to do the dishes just because I want to (not that I'd ever do that of course............), or I can wear next to nothing because it's hot and I haven't turned on the AC, or I can change my clothes 4 or 5 (or 14 or 15) times before going out at night, or I can try on things just to plan out outfits for the next week.  There aren't any roommates to tell me it's weird or ugly or any of that.

Keeping weird hours - I have gotten some of my best house cleaning done at 4am.  Of course, with a roommate that would be rather annoying.  Honestly, the cats find it annoying too as every time I can't sleep and get up to accomplish something in the middle of the night, they burrow under the covers or hide in another room so that they can sleep even if I don't.

This is of course not a comprehensive list.  In fact, I've worked on this post for over a week off and on because trying to compile a list of things I love about living alone is actually pretty difficult.  Not because I don't have lots of things I love about it, but because it's hard to narrow down favorites.  Or to pinpoint what exactly is is that I love bout living alone in the first place.  It's just a feeling - a good feeling - of accomplishment, of freedom.

Update:  Linking up with Lauren at From my Grey Desk.  Her High Fives Friday is similar to what I do every Friday (it's obviously way cooler since I discovered her blog all of 5 minutes ago and am already obsessed) but the theme there is all the favorite things from the week but since my entire blog is basically giant high fives all the time, I'll stick with my FTF theme.


  1. hey baby!!

    there's a great blog you can link up to where she does a version of your favorite things!!


    it's adorable and i love it!


    1. Oo! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This single girl who lives alone with her two cats loves this post! Haha! Doing the dishes in a pretty dress. Yeah! Also I watch Cold Case and Criminal Minds ALL THE TIME! We are practically sisters, Rikki!


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