Thursday, June 21, 2012

Color Inspiration: Warm Watermelon

I have no been intentionally neglecting my dear blog after my meltdown last week.  In fact, I have about a dozen posts that I need to get to in the next two days - crazy things are happening around here!

Unfortunately we had a little incident involving a tiny little cat, a glass of water, and an internet router a few days ago so right now the internet is out at my house.  Considering that I'm moving in about a week (see "crazy things" above), I'm not worrying about fixing it before I leave.  But that of course means I only have internet access at work and work has been decidedly crazy as well.  Let me tell you, planning a move and helping to plan a wedding without the internet in this day-and-age* is pretty impossible.

Ok..... On to the point of this post.

All of my favorite bloggers do fun little vignettes about what they are wearing and how they got inspired.  I don't have that cute of clothes, nor am I good at taking pictures of myself.  But this morning I woke up with an a-ha moment and had to share.

My color inspiration for the morning was this beautiful nail polish that I just picked up for $1.47 at Walmart.  I'm obsessed.  It's my new favorite color.  I supposed we'd describe it as "Warm Watermelon."  It's the perfect melon color - and not the watered down, nasty fleshy pink watermelon.  The perfectly ripe, sitting out in the sun all afternoon, eating watermelon while watching fire flies watermelon.  Got it?

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I had shoes (Clearance $7 from Old Navy!) that exact color and a necklace I made years ago that was almost perfect.  I paired all of these with a plain white button-down shirt and black capris and wah la, it's a perfect outfit for a busy Thursday at work.

*I like how I say "this day-and-age" like I'm 85.  I'm obviously not.


  1. Oh, love that color too. I just discovered Zoya's "Kimber" - it has gold shimmer under the pinky coraly-ness. Love!

    1. I am so excited to start reading your blog! Mostly because I too am downsizing as we speak. I'm moving next Friday from a 900 sq ft two-bedroom apartment to a 450 sq ft studio. Eek! The purging process is going to be painful but cathartic. No worries though - the nail polish will most definitely be coming with me (and probably informing some design choices!)


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