Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Movie Review: Dear Frankie

If you didn't know, I have a not so secret obsession with films that have unique and mind-provoking story lines.  Ok, I have a not so secret obsession with movies in general (see my post on Battleship from a few weeks ago) but I really do like a good story.

I had the pleasure of spending last Sunday with my grandmother.  This grandma loves movies as much as I do.  She also has impeccable taste in attractive actors.  (When I was in middle school, I received her copy of People's Most Beautiful People issue in the mail, complete with post-it notes marking her favorites as well as mine.  She's a hoot.)  Her current favorite is Gerard Butler so to kill a few hours Sunday afternoon, we put in a favorite movie of hers starring her current favorite actor which I had never seen.

Dear Frankie is the story of a young, deaf boy who lives with him mother and grandmother.  While his father is not part of the family, the story is narrated by Frankie's letters to his "Da."  You learn early on that his Da is not really receiving the letters.  Instead, his mother has created an elaborate lie regarding why his father is not involved and is reply to the letters herself.

The story that follows is of a mother who is trying desperately to give her son the best possible life and a young boy who truly wants his mother to be happy.  Gerard Butler plays a stranger that the mother hires to act as Frankie's father.  The interaction between characters is heart-warming at its highs and heart-wrenching at its lows.  The movie is loaded with strong emotions and keeps you wrapped up in the story from the very beginning.

Dear Frankie is a simple film in that it focuses on a very short time period in a very small family's life together.  But the story that is woven for the audience is complex and (I thought) unpredictable.

The next cold and rainy day you have (it may be June but the weather has been beyond unpredictable), go out and rent Dear Frankie.  Curl up on the couch under a warm blanket, make a mug of cocoa, and prepare to have your heart warmed.

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