Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Color Inspiration: 50 Shades of... Purple?

I hate how busy I am right now.  Combining busy-ness with lack of Internet, it means the blog is being put on the back burner.  I have so many things I want to write about.  The good news is that next week I'm on "vacation" (aka - the week leading up to the greatest wedding ever) so maybe I'll have a little more time to blog.  Let's hope I do.  I don't like neglecting my faithful readers.

Ok, back to the point of the post.

Last Wednesday, I showed off my Warm Watermelon inspirations.  Friends from college will attest to the fact that I was obsessed with anything pink at that time.  I still love warm, bright tones but I'm not as into the bubblegum pink anymore - thank goodness.

I've now moved on to purples.  My current apartment is almost all greys and purples.  The new apartment will be even more greys and purples.  One of the writers for Sex and the City once described their philosophy for decorating Miranda's house as making it look like a soft bruise - or something like that - and apparently I liked it because my house is the same way.  It's my philosophy that as long as it's in the purple family, it matches so at least it's not lavender on lavender or plum on plum or whatever.

Today, I needed a little bit of purple in my life.  It calms me.  I planned to wear a white linen shirt dress I just bought but didn't want to stick with the white belt that came with it and the predictable pumps that I originally paired with it.  Instead, I applied my purple-matches-purple philosophy and came up with these accessories.

Everything except the nail polish is ancient. 
  • The shoes, as you can see, have been worn to death but I love them.  If I remember correctly, my mom purchased them for me while I was still in college... from Sears.  
  • The belt was a rummage sale find that an old roommate left behind when she moved out.  
  • The necklace is Lia Sophia but was purchased while I was still in college.
Do they all actually match?  Probably not.  But the necklace has all of these shades of purple in it, the shoes aren't touching the belt and the nails are just finger nails, afterall.  So I don't care.

It's really livened up the basic white shirt dress.

If I were any good at taking photos of myself, I'd share the whole ensemble.  But alas, I'm not.  Sorry to disappoint.

(Let's also take a moment to see the larger view of the picture above... Yep, more purple).


  1. I love all the purples! and it doesn't match, it Goes. But that's how good fashion is supposed to be!

    1. Ooo... I like that. Doesn't match, but goes. New mantra...


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