Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Color Personality Is...

I've been meaning to downsize for a while and decided to waste a bit of time this afternoon going through old magazines, pulling out things that interested me, and recycling the rest.  6 months worth of Better Homes & Gardens later, I've barely made a dent in the downsizing but I have a stack of "decorating to-do's" an inch high and 57 new recipes to try.

As I embarked on month number 7, February 2011, I decided to check out a web link I had bookmarked during my first perusal of the issue.  What's Your Color Personality?

After answering questions that I thought probably made me sound a little too eclectic, I shook my head at the answer.  Like I needed an online test to tell me this.

 Let's for a moment look at the photos I took when I first moved into, and re-decorated, my current apartment because I don't believe I was blogging when I took these.

I had always wanted a grey room so instead of creating one, I created three.
My bathroom was lime / neon / truly horribly green.  Now it is moody, soothing grey.  It is calming without being boring.  I've paired it with crisp white and pops of color to help energize my in the early morning while I get ready for work.

In the kitchen, I wanted to allow the natural light to do most of the decorating work.  I like that my food shines and I while I at one time believed I would want tangerine orange cabinets, I am so happy to have the calm surround me every time I step foot in my kitchen.  Cooking is one of the ways I de-stress so this color is perfect. 

The need-for-grey actually started in the bedroom.  I have always wanted a grey bedroom.  Interestingly enough, I used the exact same paint in all three rooms but the bedroom feels the warmest.  It is quintessentially cozy and girly and moody all at one time.

Like I said, who needs an online test to give me my color personality?  Grey makes me feel cozy.  It's versatile.  It allows me to change my mind almost daily, which we all know is important to a woman.

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  1. ack - i got "maple gold." what does that even mean?

    it's rigged.

    LOVE YOU (and this is shannon, by the way)


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