Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Gem from the Magazine Purge

An article called "Girls of Wisdom" in the January 2011 issue of Better Homes and Garden got me thinking.  How would I answer their (random) questions.  For that matter, how would me many girls of wisdom who are out there answer?

If I were stuck on a desert island, I'd need:
A rubber band & handful of bobby pins, and my Kindle (the desert island magically has internet access right?) 

How to save a bad hair day
Aforementioned rubber band and bobby pins 

Worth the Splurge
I don't really splurge on beauty products because I've never had to.  I swear by my Aveda shampoo, mostly because I only have to shampoo every couple of days and it only costs me $20ish every 6 months.  I don't really splurge on clothing either - unless buying everything on sale so I can buy it all counts!

Cheap, but worth a million
Chapstick in every location I could possibly use it - next to my bed, in the bathroom, a couple in my purse, one in my desk, in the car...

I wish someone had told me
Even though I had perfect skin through college and high school, it isn't always going to be perfect.  Now that I'm stressed out as an adult, I break out when someone looks at my crooked.

I'm so glad someone told me
My mom was a big proponent of the "God made your body the way it's supposed to be" talk when we were kids.  I'm thankful for that every day because it takes the pressure off of looking "perfect."  I'm never going to be a 5'7", size 2.

Beauty pet peeve
Women who get gussied up to go to the gym, grocery store, etc.  It's really ok to go out of the house without making an effort to get ready.

Best bygone beauty
There is nothing better than old-fashioned cold cream to soften your feet over night.  I'm sure it's out there still, it's just harder to find in the generic brands!

I don't leave the house without
(First of all, I hate the answers these women gave.  You really don't leave the house without lipstick and t-zone powder?!  I don't think I actually own t-zone powder.)  My answer is so very simple.  I never leave without my wallet, my keys, and my phone.  That's it.

I wish someone would invent
An instant cat hair remover

Aging is
not scary to me because all of the women who have gone before me - mom, grandmas, great-grandmas - have all aged remarkably gracefully even when they haven't lived easy lives.

Lipstick or gloss
I have never liked lipstick.  Gloss all the way.

I feel confident
Almost all the time.  Whether that's a good thing or bad thing, it's the truth.

Any of my ladies have anything to add?


  1. I laughed at the chapstick comment - it's true for me too. In fact, I order chapstick off of Amazon and instead of buying one stick at a time I buy a whole box of them (like the box you would see in the check out line at a supermarket). I must always have access to softening my lips. It's a true addiction.

  2. I really need to start buying by the case! That's brilliant!


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