Sunday, March 4, 2012

Top 10 Signs I've Been a Little Too Busy Lately...

10.  There are 3 suitcases in my bedroom / living room, all which are leftover from trips I have already taken, and none which are being prepared for trips in the upcoming weeks.

9.  Charlie is a permanent fixture on my lap whenever I am home.  In fact, right now she is shoved between the computer and my stomach, which her head propped on my arm.

8.  Lady Bug has been sulking for the last 6 hours.  Apparently she's over this whole "Mommy never being home" thing.

7.  My to-do list for work just keeps getting bigger and bigger, while my to do list for home is about 5 pages long.  Thank god I had time to do two loads of laundry Friday night.  Not that it's been put away but at least I have clean clothes for this week.

6.  My DVR is 45% full, which wouldn't be so bad if it was just the Cold Case reruns that I record for when nothing else is on.  But instead, it's 4 weeks of Criminal Minds (a show I never miss for this reason), 2 weeks of Project Runway, and numerous Bravo shows.

5.  My refrigerator is full of food, but all of it is really old leftovers that should have been thrown away before I left for Indianapolis last week.  Even the milk is spoiled.

4.  My house is in a constant disarray - shoes everywhere, dishes in the sink, and a bathroom that looks like the recent tornadoes actually hit my house.

3.  I was supposed to have book club on Friday and I still haven't picked up the book.  Good thing it was a) rescheduled and b) couldn't make the new time.

2.  I am yet again ordering pizza for dinner because the thought of doing dishes just to make something simple like mac n cheese is more than I can handle.

1.  The bag under my eyes are big enough to serve as a new purse.

P.S. I am in no way complaining that I've been busy.  It's been an honestly excellent week.  I just could use a life coach / maid / assistant to help get caught up!

P.P.S.  Look who decided to join us...

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