Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Wanna Play!

My friend Lindsay posted this charming little game on her blog* today and I'm stealing it.  I'm not cool and blog-y enough to be tagged in this kind of stuff but I do have cool and somewhat blog-y friends to pass this along to, so here goes.
Post these rules.
Post 11 random things about yourself.
Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you.
Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged!
  1. I believe in 6 food groups- pizza, popcorn, ice cream, Coke, caesar salad, and everything else.
    Make that 7 food groups - we'll add in cheeseburgers.
  2. Even though I have two cats, I'm actually a dog person.
  3. I taught myself how to play piano while I was in grade school.  I'm not all that great, but I still play my keyboard at least once a week.
  4. I genuinely believe I chose the best career in the entire world.
  5. My least favorite word in the entire world is "moist."
  6. I miss being in school on a daily basis.  I'm starting to think about how I can start my PhD and still work full-time.
  7. I only got one wrong on the math section of the SATs.
  8. I considered being a chemistry major in college but then I realized
    a) chemistry was really hard,
    b) I would never use a chemistry major in real life and
    c) I preferred going out to watch football on Monday nights over doing chemistry homework.
  9. In high school and college I wore something pink every day.
  10. I think my family is awesome, even if we're (more than) slightly dysfunctional.  Likewise for my friends.  If you are in my "best friend" group, you may as well be family.
  11. I wouldn't mind sharing a house with someone someday, but I will need to have my own bathroom.  I've become very bad at sharing first thing in the morning.

  1. Coffee or tea? Green or black?  Coffee.  Either black or with cream.  I actually really like highly involved espresso drinks which are like $5 a piece so I curb the addiction by drinking coffee with flavored cream every morning at work.
  2. Tell me about your pets. If you don't have any, tell me about your... plants?  Two kitties, obviously.  Prior to the cats I was a crazy fish lady - we had a fish that did tricks and later committed suicide after college.  Thank you to my parents for allowing us to adopt a million animals as children (birds, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, salamanders, a baby squirrel, a rabbit, and of course Schmoe) and for fueling the addiction.
  3. What is your very first memory?  I distinctly remember the day my sister was born, two weeks before my 3rd birthday.  I also remember the day that I learned "See you later" doesn't actually mean "See you later."  I was so disappointed that my older brother and sister weren't really coming over.
  4. If you could learn any language, which would you choose, and why?  I took German for so many years and I feel like I'm lost most of it, so maybe re-learn that.  I thought I wanted to learn Spanish but after taking it for a year in college, I think I was wrong.  I would love to learn a dying language, but since I've always been better at conversing in foreign languages than reading and writing, I would probably fail.
  5. What has been your most hideous fashion blunder?  I have so many!  In fact, I know there there are people out there that don't like my current style, but I'd like that think it's fabulous.  I think the worst is probably my seventh grade haircut - chin length and permed in the front, so short in the back it was shaved.  Minus the perm, it wouldn't have been so bad but combine it with giant glasses and awkward braces and you'll understand why I hated middle school.
  6. Pretend you're on tv. What song should play every time you enter the room?  Ah!  Tough one.  I think on most days I hear the song "Hands" by Jewel run through my head.  Keeps me going, reminds me that the little things do matter and that's it worth making an effort to be nice to people.   
  7. If you could hug any animal in the world, what would you choose?  I would say a meerkat but they aren't very cuddly looking even if they are cute. 
  8. Tell me the best joke you know.  I know really terrible jokes and yet I find them really funny.  Such as...  Q: What did the girl melon say to the boy melon when he proposed?  A: I'm sorry,  We can't elope.
  9. How do you feel about celeb gossip magazines?  Take them or leave them.
  10. Are you sick of the presidential campaigning yet?  I was sick of it before it even started.
  11. If you could go into business for yourself and not fail, what would you peddle?  I have this "brilliant" idea for my best friend and I to open a coffee shop / book store / gift shop / dance studio.  I'm sure we'd make millions.

(and the rest of you, of course!)
  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  2. What is the best book you have ever read?
  3. If you had to go on a week-long road trip with one person, who would you pick?
  4. Who put on the best concert you've ever seen?
  5. When was the last time you said thank you?
  6. If you could invent your own room, what would be special about it?  (For example, if I had my own special room, it would be filled with glittery glass things and on a really bad day, I could go in and break things and oompa-loompas would come clean up after me.)
  7. When did you first realize the world wasn't 100% fair?
  8. What are you most proud of thus far in your life?
  9. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
  10. What is your single favorite article of clothing?
  11. What would your memoir be titled?
 Ok, friends.  Your turn! 
I only linked to people who I a) thought might actually do it and b) wouldn't be mad that I linked the them.  Feel free to participate no matter if I tagged you or not and them post the link in the comment so I can so.

*For what it's worth, Lindsay's blog is way cooler than mine.  A blog-y inspiration to be honest.  Thanks for "letting me" steal this, lady!

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  1. not gonna lie, felt really popular and awesome to see i was tagged. also really glad that i don't have to scrape up another topic for one of next week's posts. booyah.


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