Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Madness (Not the Basketball Kind)

I have been MIA for the last two weeks and I vowed not to do that now that I was writing again, but fear not.  I have not forgotten all of my (5 or so) faithful readers.

The last month has been insanely busy.  I was in Indianapolis less than a month ago for work, followed by a weekend in Louisville, a week of work, a few days in Chicago, a weekend in Wisconsin, a few long days of work, and then 3.5 days sick in bed.  Which leads me to today.  And I head off to New York City tomorrow for another work trip (although I'm sure I will find time to see some sights while I'm in town as well).  March went very quickly, to say the least.

As I mentioned the last few days have found me sick in bed.  I spent Thursday and Friday sleeping for most of the day but yesterday I read a few (not worth reviewing) books - mostly trashy, free downloads off Amazon. 

My DVR is almost cleaned out and I discovered that I only have 3 episodes left of Cold Case.  A bit sad as that means I've seen (almost) every episode of that show ever aired and I will have to find a new show to watch start to finish.  Any suggestions?  I'll watch almost anything, although at one time Netflix described my "preferred genre" as something along the lines of dark police procedural dramas and I think they nailed that right on the head.  Nip / Tuck (not police-based but still totally twisted), Dexter (which I'm behind on but have to pay to watch so that won't work), Criminal Minds, Cold Case... My latest new show is Awake.  Yep, definitely into the dark police procedural dramas.  I'm also watching Grimm and Once Upon a Time so I guess I've jumped on the fairy tale train. 

Ok, so back the question.  Any suggestions on new series?

This is, quite frankly, the most boring blog post I've written in a very long time.  Not that any of them are exciting.  I mean, when an "adventurous day" in my weekend involves a Target run, getting a pedicure, grabbing FroYo with a girl friend, and making a second Target run, you can't expect me to inspire a particularly exciting blog post.

I just wanted to touch base.  

And now one last little insight into my world.

Charlie is clearly obsessed with sparkles.  As my mom put it, she thinks of my fancy purses as giant sparkle balls.  

Lady Bug is much more laid back.  She followed my stack of blue jeans around all night.

And "mommy" obviously has a shoe problem.

We aren't a girly house at all, are we?

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  1. Two series that are no longer around but are worth watching if you can netflix 'em: Dead Like Me and Pushing Up Dasies. Both are quirky and have a darker sense of humor, and actually they were both created by the same guy. They'd be right along the lines of Once Upon A Time type interest.


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