Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Touching Base

I'm going to start writing again.  Or at least try to start writing again.  We'll see how it goes.

I've actually been reading again.  For fun.  Even though I'm working long hours and not getting enough sleep, I'm reading a lot.  I need something to escape to and for as long as I can remember books have been my escape.

As a child, I did it in my little twin bed, using a flashlight to read a book under the blankets, my dog curled up on the floor next to me.  I read all the classics - Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, Charlotte's Web.  I loved (and still do love) books.  I don't just read them, I live with them.  The pages are tattered, the corners dog eared, there are notes in the margin of even the most mundane and pedestrian stories, and the covers of my favorites have literally fallen off.

These days, not much has changed,  I carry a book everywhere with me, recently purchasing a purse specifically because it would hold a hardcover book or Kindle.  I have been known to pull out whatever I'm reading at the time while waiting in the grocery store checkout line.  I am not ashamed of the fact that I cannot stop devouring stories.  I end almost every day in my gloriously big and cozy queen sized bed, my Kindle in my hand, and my cats curled up on either side of me.  Not much has changed since elementary school.

I recently read a trilogy that I wish had been around back in the day of flashlights under the blankets.  I hesitate to recommend them as they are obviously a young adult read but I couldn't get enough.  The stories focus on a young girl, Cass, who stumbles through a worm hole (for lack of better explanation) onto a deserted planet.  She spends time alone in survival mode, before being discovered by an "alien" civilization.  The beings who find her are very much human, although they are more in tune with their psychic abilities.  This all sounds so ridiculous as I'm writing it out, so just go and look at the description on Amazon.  I will leave it with the fact that there's a strong female protagonist, a sexy male love interest (not in a throw-it-in-your-face-sorta-way...) who is still haunting my dreams, and enough science fiction to keep it interesting but not so much that it was truly "sci-fi."  Talk about something that offered escape.  I was home sick a few weeks ago and spent the entire 3 days in bed reading this books.  These books will be re-read many times.

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