Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday mornings

If I have a morning off each week, it is Saturday.  Usually I work on Saturday nights but this week I have a whole day off to do absolutely nothing.

I woke up this morning wanting pancakes.  I don't even like pancakes.  But I am willing to bet I venture out to by eggs so I can attempt to make pancakes before my day is over.

I should spend my only morning off catching up on all of the things that I don't get done during the week.  Since I was traveling, the house isn't awful.  But it could use a thorough spring cleaning before the waves of company invade over the next few weeks.  I think I'll just find time to do that next weekend.

Today, I would like to do a whole lot of nothing.  Maybe make the aforementioned pancakes.  Probably bake butter cake with chocolate frosting later.  Eat leftovers for lunch and maybe cook for dinner - I'm kind of wanting salmon as well.  Just watched some tv chef make salmon on Food Network and it looked delicious.

Sounds like my day is going to revolve around food.  Just so long as it doesn't revolve around laundry, I'm ok.

Really, I'll probably lay in bed for a while yet.  I laid on the couch for hours last night and every time the thought went through my brain that I should get up and get something done, the cats took control and settled in for a long snooze.

 (Notice their coordinating collars.  Souvenirs from my work trip.  Too cute.)

And then this morning, I thought about getting up and starting to move and Charlie snuggled in.  I wouldn't want to disturb her.

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