Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Actual Conversation I Had on G-Chat Today

...Complete with the total lack of grammar to punctuate my g-chat conversations (like always)...

me:  i don't know why i share these because i'm sure you read her as religiously as i do
but her latest "rerun" post has me dying laughing
Sara:  I just started her book last night too!! hilarious.
me:  and by dying laughing i mean that sort of literally because i have a nasty cough and everytime i laugh i cough up a lung
Sara:  mmm. i just had that cough last week. it was lovely. and by lovely i mean the worst thing ever.
me:  yeah, my coworkers just keep giving me the evil eye and telling me to go home
it's so tempting but i have so much to do!
good thing i have a lunch thing today and then i can go home after infecting all of those people
also, my dayquil is making me sort of twisted i think
Sara:  also, i love the phrase "douche canoe".
and dayquil is amazing. you get a buzz and can't get fired for it. lol

me:  agreed on both accounts
couple dayquil with mucinex and tylenol and you're on the train to crazy town and no one can do anything about it
Sara:  lol. that should probably be your facebook status.

Because I am sick and 99% of my thoughts are incoherent, this is as good as it gets today folks.  Want a good laugh?  Click the Bloggess link above.  Her posts when she's high on Dayquil are so much funnier than mine.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty much anytime the phrase douche canoe is used I guffaw uncontrollably. And that book is flipping awesome.


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