Monday, May 7, 2012

Favorite Things Friday Addendum (Which is Why I Can Post This on Monday...)

While driving home last Friday in the middle of the night, I realized I missed two very, very important Favorite Things from Wisconsin.

So first, if you haven't experienced the wonderfulness that is my last FTF post, go here.

Back?  Ok...

Friday Night Fish Fries - If you live in Wisconsin, chances are pretty good you'll spend Friday night in a bar eating fried fish.  As a child, we would go down to Sheboygan and spend Friday nights eating fish at the bar with Grandma & Grandpa.  Now, I try to get fish every single Friday that I'm in Wisconsin.  It's just what you do.  They don't have fish fries in the South - I'm not talking catfish here, friends.  Ick.  I'm talking fried perch, rye bread and onions, potato salad and coleslaw (which I don't even eat...)

Instead of a picture (since I didn't find any that did the fish justice), I will make two recommendations for anyone looking for a great fish fry.

If you're in Green Bay on a Friday night, go to Sidekicks.  I've known the people who own this place for ages - I worked with one of the bartenders (also the owners daughter) back in high school - and they have some of the best fried fish I have ever experienced.  Plus if you're a beer drinker like me, you can totally get away with drinking the cheap beer (Bud Light) as they keep their coolers REALLY REALLY cold.  Like the beer freezes.  It's awesome.

If you're in Sheboygan, WI on a Friday night, go to Scenic Bar.  Sheboygan can be quite an experience but it's worth if for the fish.  So delicious.  Also, who know Scenic had a Facebook page.  LIKE!

Milwaukee Brand Pickles - (Also has a Facebook page.  LIKE again!)  In my opinion, it's not a party unless there are pickles involved.  I'm really picky with my pickles though (say that 10 times fast...)

I like super crunchy pickles.  I like kosher dills, not just regular dills.  And I like midget pickles at home, not the giant ones. 

This is where Milwaukee's pickles enter the picture.

I almost always have a jar of these in my fridge.  In fact, I just opened my last jar so had to get more while I was in Wisconsin last week.  The year after college my roommate and I used to spend hungover Sundays laying bed watching movies and eating pickles... with a "pickle spear" which of course is what you call a fork the year after you graduate from college.

The thing with this brand is that they are ALWAYS crunchy.  Always.  Like an audible crunch.  I wish I could find their theme song online (any one bored and want to look?).  It goes something like this.
Milwaukee Pickles... CRUNCH... Best pickle under the sun
Milwaukee Piiiiccckkkllesss... CRUNCH... The greatest little pickle in Wis-con-sin!
Ask me and I'll sing it sometime.

The Disclaimer on Why Some Things Most People Would
Put on Their Favorites List are NOT on Mine
 Two of the most popular vacation destinations in Wisconsin are Door County and Wisconsin Dells.

Neither of these places are anywhere near my favorites list.

First of all, Door County kinda drives me crazy.  Too many people, too many over priced gift shops where they sell rooster hand towels, and far too much traffic to be relaxing.  It's great for apple orchards and that jazz, and I've spent my fair share of time camping up there, but it's not for me so it's not on my list.

As for the Dells, I don't do water parks.  I do beaches.  With a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other.  And if I can't have a beach, I'd rather float in my parents' pool any day.

So there.  Had to throw those out there!


  1. So there. ha ha. Touche. Also good for a fish fry: Leffel's Supper Club in Antigo. That's where my grandparents took me every Friday. :)

    1. My "so there" was as much directed at all of the haters out there who get MAD that I don't like Door County. Unnecessary. Ha ha... I'll have to try the place in Antigo! And sometime when we're both conveniently in Green Bay (yeah right) we'll have to catch up over fish at Sidekicks.

  2. With your final comment of this post, it is evident to anyone who knows us why Dad and I are putting in a new pool...May you have many opportunities to float in it!


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