Friday, May 4, 2012

Favorite Things Friday (Wisconsin Addition)

Since I will be spending my weekend in Wisconsin, I thought it only appropriate to do a Wisconsin themed Favorite Things Friday.  Anyone who knows me (i.e. everyone reading this blog) probably already knows what is coming but just in case, here are the top things I love most about my home state.

Green Bay Packers  - duh.  No explanation necessary.  But just in case, here are some reminders of why we're the best team in the NFL.
Need more convincing?
Thank you, Mom, for sending this to me via email one day last fall so I didn't need to wade through countless photos of this beautiful man before posting.
Since I know it's mostly ladies (ok, probably all ladies) who read my blog, I'll give you a little more eye candy.  Football is great on it's own but come on.  Watching this every Sunday?  Sign me up...

I tried really hard to find a picture of Ryan Grant's booty since that's by far his best asset but I failed.  Sorry ladies!
Ok... moving on.

Cheese Curds  - (Who knew they had their own Wikipedia page?)

My coworkers are afraid to try them but they're missing out.  Don't  just settle with the fried ones, which are good in their own way, but be adventurous and try the real deal.  They squeak between your teeth, taste even better at room temperature than cold, and have just enough saltiness to them to go great with an ice cold beer.  The perfect Wisconsin snack.  My mouth is watering thinking about them.

Leinie's Summer Shandy - By far, the best beer on the planet for days when it's 85 degrees and sunny and you're out on the lake.  Don't even argue with me because you'd be wrong.

I don't think I've ever met someone who tried it and didn't like it.  Non-beery enough for non-beer drinkers, light enough for those who don't like dark beer, but flavorful enough for serious beer drinkers.  I want some.  Mostly because it's 80 degrees and sunny in Kentucky this week.

Johnsonville Brats - Yes, I can get these (and the beer for that matter) in Kentucky.  But there's nothing like sitting on my parents deck, eating a hard roll with two brats and a boatload of ketchup.

Two brats, one bun.  That's just how we do it...

No one grills a brat quite as good as my dad (hi Dad!) and no one makes a hard roll quite like Sheboygan.  Just sayin'.

(Last but of course not least) These People

That's my family.  A very old picture of us (look at my hair!) but it's one of my favorites.  Three of the five of us don't even live in Wisconsin but they're what makes it home, of course.


  1. CHEESE CURDS. 'nuff said.
    Things I would add to that list:
    1) The state dance is the polka. You gotta love that an entire state has a sense of humor about it's heritage like that.
    2) We have a ridiculous collection of over-sized fiberglass animals in the north of the state. Like the giant Muskie (state fish) that doubles as a look out point for a state park. Or the giant badger that used to be a gas station but is now a strip joint (Northern Exxxposure).
    3) Wisconsin Dells and /or Door County. Regardless of how you define vacation, we've got you covered.
    4) Friday night Fish Fry. Not just for lent, but a traditional 'Sconie way to end each week.

  2. I realized while driving that I missed a few things - mostly fish fries and Milwaukee brand pickles - so there will be an addendum! I just hate trying to update on the iPad... Stay tuned!


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