Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Simplicity

I was in NYC again for work this week.  The quick trip went something like this:

For being away from my house for only 40 hours, it was a little exhausting. 

But I did stay at an awesome hotel.  Complete with this view from my room.

That's the Empire State Building, folks.  Almost too close to get a picture!
I love that city.  So blessed to visit there for work on a regular basis lately!

Side note on the $2.50 beers... in NYC.  It's true.  They exist.  Ladies, next time you're in the city check out Bravest.  While the selection of firemen was very, very slim pickings (like non-existent) we were there on a Tuesday and I think it has potential.  And must I repeat that Bud Light was $2.50.  

Also, check out my friend Emily's blog.  If you love NYC as much as I do, you'll like following her adventures.

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