Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just a Little Something We Can Do...

A few days ago, while reading through some of my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon a little announcement about "Operation: Friendship for Newtown."  Like the group on Facebook if you want the most current info or want to follow along.
The gist of it is that this wonderful woman is collecting green and white friendship bracelets for the kids at Sandy Hook.  Remember back when those little friendship bracelets meant the world to you?  Yep, we're giving that little bit of love and hope back to these kids.  I went out and bought embroidery floss tonight (10 skeins of each color for a grand total of $7.00....... I mean come on.  It's the least we can do) and plan to spend my free time in the car this weekend making as many of these as my little fingers can handle.

Even though it's a minor thing for me to be sharing this with my limited audience, I wanted to anyway.  If you have any free time in the next week or so, please consider doing a little something for the students whose lives have literally been shattered.  It's not much but it's something we all can do so they know they haven't been forgotten.


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