Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Friday (Friday)

Am I the only one who sings this ridiculously annoying song in her head every single time she thinks about writing a Favorite Things Friday / High Five for Friday post?  Yes?  Moving on then....

As always (or when I have time to write these Friday posts) I'm linking up with Lauren!

1.  Did you see the announcement yesterday about the new Facebook page?  Still getting it 100% up and running but give it a look and like it if you feel so inclined!

2.  I'm finishing my second week at the new job and I confirm every single day that it was the right move for me to make.  Of course I miss my friends and coworkers from Kentucky and loved the work I was doing there.  But I am constantly amazed by the good work being done by my new employer and know that I will be able to make a huge difference by utilizing my talent here.

3.  Likewise, I've been living in my new apartment for just over two weeks and I still love it here too!  It's finally starting to look like a real home - as long as you don't look in the disorganized closets or ignore the stack of packing supplies about a mile high in the garage.  Plus I'm still missing a dining room table.  Anyone feeling generous and want to contribute to the "I really like a table that's a little out of my price range right now" fund?

4.  More than me liking the new place, my cats freaking love it.  They spend hours every night running up and down the stairs, chasing each other from room to room, and exploring closets.  Seeing them settle in makes a huge difference for me.

5.  The best thing about the last two weeks?  Getting to see my friends and family on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, I'm not making the trek to Minneapolis to celebrate my best friend's birthday this weekend like originally planned but just knowing that all of my favorite people (minus my little sister) are just a short drive away is a huge relief.  Already feels like home.

Happy weekend everyone!




  1. I kind of hate you for posting that stupid song. Now I'm gonna have it stuck in my noggin all darn day.

    But I am glad the house is shaping up - do we get to see pictures eventually? (otherwise I'll just have to come visit)

    1. There will be pictures eventually but not until I get completely settled. Plus there's that giant ugly red wall that needs to be painted so until I decide on a color for that, no pictures. Ha ha

      Also, you definitely need to visit at some point!

  2. Hi there! I'm Hanna! I found your LOVELY blog on the hippity hop!!! Now your newest follower!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! You can find me anytime at

    xooxxo Hanna

  3. Living close to family & friends is SUCH a huge deal. I lived far away from mine in college and I hated knowing that I couldn't just pop in at my parents' or grandparents' on a whim. So glad you're loving your new job & apartment :)


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