Monday, April 9, 2012

My random thoughts for the night (or week...)

I'm only posting this here instead of on Facebook so that people can choose whether or not they want a little insight into my brain.  If you didn't really mean to step into the random-ness, I suggest you leave now...

Still here?  Ok.

Someone please explain to me why this commercial needs a disclaimer at :06 that this is just a dramatization.  You mean that the breath mint container doesn't actually turn into a minty ice cube that puts out fire in real life?!  Really???  And then it doesn't become a spinning vortex of non-heartburn, fresh breath?  Crap. 

(I hope the picture you're seeing before you click the link also has the Dramatization disclaimer and the spinning vortex like mine does.  Because that makes me extra happy.)

The other random thought for the day has to do with this...

I have a couple of (ranting) thoughts about this calendar which I could have purchased through a "daily deal" email I receive.

Do people really pay $50 for calendars?  I mean, the real question is did anyone purchase this calendar when it was full price?  $125 for a calendar!  You have got to be kidding me!  I have a hard time spending $125 on dresses or coats or shoes or just about anything that you can use for more than a few months.  In fact, I think I only spent $125 on my freaking couch!

Don't even get me started on the fact that it's already April 9 and this calendar is expected to ship sometime between April 27 & May 3.  So you're spending $50 on a calendar that you will use for approximately 6 months.  Good thing it's more than half off....  They better have specially trained monks hand lettering the calendar with gold leaf pens or something ridiculous. 

(For the friends I shared this with this morning, it's obviously still bothering me...)

Still with me?  Really?  You deserve a gold star!

Also, I'm a bit grouchy tonight.  Sorry folks.

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  1. Wow. that's quite a spectacular calendar. I don't think I've ever paid more than 2 dollars for a calendar. Buy them January 2nd, use them for a year-minus-2-days, move on with my life. I'm with you sister-friend.


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