Friday, April 27, 2012

Favorite Things Friday (Birthday Addition)

First of all, this entire week has been a "favorite."  My birthday was yesterday and the ridiculously awesome outpouring of Happy Birthday messages (142 Facebook posts?!  I didn't know that I knew 142 people...), texts, phone calls, and drop-bys in the office made this one of the best birthdays yet.  It wasn't without some ups and downs but seriously, if my 27th year is half as good as my 27th birthday then it's going to be pretty awesome.

So in honor of the big 2-7, let's do a birthday themed Favorite Things Friday, shall we?

Here, in no particular order, are the things I cannot get enough of this week.

These Pants - People who know me know that I am pretty much obsessed with anything Gap, Inc.  I worked a the Gap for a brief period of time in college but even before then, I loved them.  Loved.  Seriously.  Anywho, a few weeks ago I went and used my birthday coupon a the Gap (which reminds me that I have to use my Banana Republic birthday coupon before Monday.  Crap!).  Usually I buy something new for work and something fun to wear our for my birthday (even though I need no excuse to buy new clothes) but this year, I just bought these pants.

I didn't really need red pants but I really wanted them.  And this have this incredible seam up the back that I am obsessed with.  Have any of you ladies ever worn stockings with a seam up the back?  They make your legs look incredible.  The same with this seam, only it runs all the way up so it helps make the tushy look great too.  I'm sure no one else even notices but it makes me happy and this is my favorite things, not theirs.

I wore them out last Friday with a simple tshirt, gold bracelets, and gold shoes.  Yesterday, I was daring and wore them to work with a black blazer, black bejeweled flats, and blingy jewelry.  In short, they make me happy.

These Children - Probably a weird thing to list as a favorite but still.  Don't you love them too?

These are my best friend Heidi's kids.  Trey is almost 8, Bray is 4, and Addy is the little one.  I don't know that I want children of my own but I sure love her kids.  They called me yesterday to sing Happy Birthday and even though I already knew they were going to call since we had scheduled it, I cried.  Because seriously, wasn't it like two days ago that Trey was a baby, and then it was yesterday that Brayden was a baby, and by tomorrow Addy's pretty much going to be in college.  I miss my friends of course but nothing new really happens with all of us - we talk almost every day and I'm always like "here's what I did at work" and Heidi's like "I did some laundry today" and nothing is ever really new - but it's usually months between when I see the kids and they're suddenly all grown up.  Trey will be bigger than me by the time I see them next.

My Birthday Flowers - Every year since I can remember, my parents send me flowers on my birthday.  I think it started in grade school and even though I know they're coming now, they make me incredibly happy every year.  It's something that I already know I will do if I ever have children. because it's such a nice thing to do.  This year's flowers are especially pretty.
For those of you who haven't known me for more than a couple of years, let me explain the pink-ness.  I went through a very pink phase in high school and college.  I've always been drawn to pinks and reds anyway - even though now I tend to be more of a purple, gray, and green girl when decorating the house - but for a number of years I wore something pink every day.  Pink shirt, pink socks, pink unmentionables, even pink pants.  Something about the color makes me feel especially feminine.  While I love beer and football more than most girls, I'll always be a girly-girl at heart. Thanks for enabling, Mom and Dad!

This Label - My other best friend Lauren was awesome and sent me wine for my birthday because she couldn't come visit me in Lexington this year.  Greatest idea ever.  But not so great when a box with this label got delivered to me at work...
Yep, that went through the campus mail room.  Gotta love FedEx.  Every time I see this picture, I laugh.  Do not deliver to intoxicated person?  Like a drunk person is ordering wine and getting it shipped same day because they are too lazy to go out and buy it at the liquor store.

And those my friends are my favorite things right now.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Awesome posts! I have a pair of red pants but they don't fit right now. Either I should get a new pair or lose 15 pounds so I can fit into the ones I have! :)

  2. Get a new pair so you have a pair of pants that make you feel fabulous at both a little and big weight! At least that's my philosophy which why I'm broke and have no closet space for new things.


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