Saturday, November 17, 2012


With all of the moving and packing going on in my house again, the cats are driving me crazy!  Lady Bug is smart enough to know that something big is going on and is constantly trying to figure out what that might be.  Charlie is just anxious and confused, which makes for a lot of whining at 4:30 every morning.

While trying to get some things organized a few nights ago, Lady Bug made camp on the bed like a normal cat.  Charlie decided she was done with the whole thing and packed herself away, ready to get moved.  She refused to leave the box, no matter how much I coaxed.

At least in the box, she wasn't under foot.  Once she decided that she'd rather travel in the suitcase, she was just making a mess.

I think we'll all be happy to get this move over and get settled in our new place.  The big drive takes place on Tuesday!



  1. Are your kitties car-cats? Bubs is usually good about car trips so long as he gets to sit shotty and look out the window.

    Safe drive ma'am! I'd say you should take a break in SW Michigan, but I'm pretty sure that's way out of your way.

    1. Lady Bug loves being in the car. Even when I open the create door, she typically just sleeps in there, snug as a bug. Charlie is... shall we say... more difficult. She hates being stuck in the crate but if I let her out she climbs everywhere but to a comfortable, safe place. Her favorite spot is on my headrest. It's best if I put them in one crate together so Lady can regulate.

      And yes, its a bit out of the way. Too bad! Let me know when you're in Wisco next.


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