Sunday, July 22, 2012

(Sunday) Simplicity

I'm home this evening, working on the blog design (which if you're reading this you're already seeing!), and apparently my little one is a bit taxed after the traveling a few weeks ago, the crazy schedule I've been keeping, and the company Friday night.  I missed my Saturday Simplicity post so I thought I'd share this with you today instead.

She was glued to my lap until my legs fell asleep so I made her move.  She refuses to actually move away though.  **Must be touching Mommy.**  

How can anyone resist this little snuggle bun when she is needing some down time?



  1. I'm liking the new blog layout! Very nice!

  2. Thanks, Jenny! Still some glitches to work out but I like it so far!

  3. Love it! I'm a fan of the typeface - MA Sexy right? I know this because IT IS ON MY WEDDING INVITES.

  4. No! Similar though :-)

    Also, excellent story for you KP. I have your save the date hanging on my fridge and I kept, inexplicably, finding it on the floor. I discovered yesterday that it is because Lady Bug has decided your save the date is her NEW BEST FRIEND. Like she pulled it off the fridge in front of me twice and the second time used the cute little string to carry it across the apartment so she could cuddle it.

    Apparently she's as excited as I am?


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