Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Chandeliers

In the course of this whole move, I've been trying to make my very small space as stylish and practical as possible on a tight budget.  Thank goodness I am rather good (if I do say so myself) with DIY projects.

Because it's a studio apartment and the space is wide open, I wanted to come up with different lighting options for the two sides of the room.  The "living room" works best with floor and table lamps, which means I was looking for a ceiling solution for the "bedroom" - specifically something extremely girly.

After searching for days for an affordable chandelier option with no luck, I googled "DIY Chandelier" and hit the jack pot.  These are my favorites thus far - Which do you like best?

Can you believe those are all do-it-yourself?  Now I just need to decide which I like best!


  1. I'm partial to numero 4. 3 is a close second, but I think 4 is both more feminine and more chandelier-y.

  2. I like 4 the best too, also closely followed by 3. And I agree 4 is more girly! Make sure to let us know how they turn out! I love real-life-DIY because sometimes they work well and sometimes they're a dud. I hope yours works well!


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