Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Movie Review: Moonrise Kingdom

Last night, I took myself to a movie.  Anyone who knows me in the real world is aware that I have absolutely no problem going for dinner or drinks, going on vacation, or going to movies all by myself.  I’ve been in a funk lately and wanted a couple of hours to just escape the real world for a bit so thought the $13 it would take to see a movie and get some popcorn and a soda were well worth the splurge.

There are a number of movies out right now that I would love to see but since I knew I wanted to escape, I figured the new Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom, was perfect.  And I was right.

If you've never been a Wes Anderson fan, you probably won't even want to see this movie.  As a writer and director, he's incredibly polarizing so I am probably one of the only people I know who simply "likes" Wes Anderson.  I don't love him and I don't hate him.  I've liked things about his movies but there are plenty of things I didn't like - and not just because I didn't "get" them.

All of that being said, Moonrise Kingdom was one of the best films I've seen in a long time.  It's the story of two young "lovers" - neither of whom are accepted by their peers or families - who decide to run away together on their small New England island.  The story follows their love story as the various parties search for them.

The film is nostalgia at its best.  Set in the 1960's, it harkens back to a day where young people's greatest fears include being stabbed with left-handed scissors.  It lives in a time where things like movie theater massacres just don't happen.  These children run away from home because they are misunderstood - she as a "disturbed" pre-teen and he as an orphan without a real family - and have found a little bit of happiness in each other.  At one point, the young boy Sam states that "something changed in them" when they met in the field to run away.  I think we've all had moments like that in our teenage years.

For me, Moonrise Kingdom was exactly what I needed to pretend I was someone else for a few hours.  Mostly, it was what I needed to remember what I used to be.  I can completely relate to being a 12 year old girl who would rather stick her nose in a book than interact with the real world.  Somedays, I can relate to being a 27 year old girl who wants the same thing.

This movie is a must see for anyone who has:
~ Ever been a 12 year old girl who has lamented that women in stories are so incredibly weak and desperately wanted strong female leads in the stories they immersed themselves in
~ Ever been "in love" as an adolescent
~ Ever been misunderstood by family or friends
~ Needed an escape after a bad day
~ Ever even remotely liked as Wes Anderson film

I don't purchase many films anymore but I cannot wait to buy this and watch it on rainy, cranky Sundays.  It reminds me of how I felt the first time I saw Garden State, minus the annoyance that was Natalie Portman.



  1. I've been meaning to see that. Glad to hear it was good.

  2. I appreciate the plot breakdown - I've noticed W.A. films never really tell you what they're about in previews, and that usually makes me just go "meh, no thanks." I also love your prerequisites for liking this film at the bottom of your post. I remember many a day sitting on stage between scenes as you would regale us with your latest loves.

    I can't seem to get behind Wes Anderson. I've tried, as many in my friend circle worship him, but I guess I just don't get it. Which is all the sadder because I swoon for Edward Norton like nobody's business, but I just don't think I can justify shelling out the 15 bucks (Holy cow you got popcorn and soda AND a ticket for just 13?) to see this in theaters.

    (lastly I really don't know what's so off about your formatting - from my end [on a mac] fonts, etc look fine. no need to apologize)

  3. KP -
    Honestly, I haven't cared all that much for W.A. films in the past. I think stylistically they're brilliant but I haven't necessarily cared for the stories. This was an exception for sure.

    As for the ticket price, two theaters in my area do $6 first-run movies on Tuesdays and I had planned to go to one of those. But when I discovered that the little local place down the street with only $7 every night, I figured I'd shell out the extra dollar. I had never been there before and was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the snacks are - sad to say that about a $2.50 small soda and $3.50 tub of popcorn, both of which I could have made in my kitchen for less than $1, but it's true.

    Are you serious?! The font before the photo (or in this case video) is completely different than the font after and any other formatting comes across weird as well. There's also extra spacing between paragraphs FOR NO APPARENT REASON. Grrr...

  4. *ahem* i think i was more trying to say that if you don't point it out, it's likely no one would notice. fake it till you make it and such. ;)

  5. **I** would notice on someone else's blog and that leads me to believe someone will notice on mine. It will get worked out and I'll stop griping about it!


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